Pine Needles - Wax Melts

Pine Needles - Wax Melts

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Bring the fresh-cut Christmas tree aroma to your home. Crisp and Rich. Love it!!!
Notes: Pine, Fir Needle, Cedarwood, Spearmint.

You will love these melts; we go above and beyond to produce high-quality, fragrance-packed, long-lasting melts. They are available in an extensive range of aromas to suit any taste or season.

When buying an assortment, use one melt and burn for two days or as time suits. While melt is liquefied, pour into a cupcake pattie in a muffin tin. Let set, then pop into a clip lock bag. Change to another fragrance and repeat above. When you return to use the original aroma, you will find it just as strong.

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