Oriental Musk - Fragrant Pillar Candles

Oriental Musk - Fragrant Pillar Candles

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Our range of fragrant pillar candles are, I must say, the absolute best on the market.
Manufactured from the highest grade waxes, using only the best bath & body quality oils & quality linen, cotton wicking, our pillar candles will not only fill your home with their gorgeous aroma, but they will “burn into themselves”, meaning they will not droop to one side or “bend over” on a hot day. Follow the instructions, trim the wick & you will get the full fragrance & burn time from your candle. Quality assured.


  • GOSPEL: Nice short wick, excellent even flame. Even burn ratio
  • Trim the wick every few hours or when the wick turns (bends to one side at the tip)
    This will prevent the candle from burning unevenly to one side, giving you optimum burn time.
  • Do not extinguish the flame with an untrimmed/long wick as it may fold back into the wax, preventing relighting.
Available in a selected range of our fragrances.

All other fragrances are available to order  – minimum quantities apply.